Spa Sampler Promotions

Feet Matter Too! $69 

Scheduling Wednesday / Hump Day Only

Brush it Off !  $59

Scheduling Wednesday / Hump Day Only

Indulge in decompressing in our peaceful spa lounge. Experience the rejuvenating powers of our unique spa sampler.

Your service will begin with a neck & shoulder pressure point 

massage with a detox foot soak and an infusion of essential oils.

Let go of your worries with a lower leg and foot sugar scrub, lower leg and foot massage wrapping up with steaming towels.

Allow approximately 45 moments for your overall experience.

No need to undress. By appointment on Wednesdays only. 

Open Your Heart (Chakra) $79

Scheduling Thursday only for month of October

in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month

Clear your energy while improving your skin, circulation and muscle tone with this invigorating spa sampler. Dry brushing brings many benefits to your health and well being to include literally brushing off negative energies. Take advantage of this historic beauty method dating back to Cleopatra's regime. While restoring and balancing your energy system you'll also be improving your Aura! You'll experience dry brushing along with a complimentary cucumber foot softening & healing masque, wrapping up neck, head and toes with essential oil steaming towels.

Allow 30 moments for this  spa sampler experience. 

This is a great sampler to schedule With your Feet Matter Too sampler! Go For It! Simply schedule each!

Chakra balancing is an ancient healing art. Chakras are energy points located in and around around bodies. 

We have 8 chakra points. This service will focus on your  "feeling center" or your "heart chakra". This area of the body is located in the chest and covers the radius (sides and back all around the chest region). When we hold our feelings and emotions in, our heart chakra becomes blocked. Blockages going untreated over time can lead to illness and even disease. October is breast cancer awareness month for both Men and Women. So let's open our Hearts and take a proactive approach to our health and wellness! Treatment will include Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Reflexology infused with healing essential oils and steaming towels. Allow 45 moments for this renewing & restoring spa sampler.

Enhance Your Performance

Find Relief in your muscles post work out & at check out! Choose the Relief you prefer:

* 30 moments  $ 59

* 50 moments     79

* 60 moments     89

Each session will offer an infusion of sports massage (flushing technique), aromatherapy & steaming towels. If you'd like some Thai Yoga stretching, simply add $15. If you'd like specific, deeper techniques applied to address your neck & shoulder pain, simply add another $15. 

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