9661 Bay Pines Boulevard                      8490 Alberata Vista Drive     

  St. Petersburg, FL  33708                            Tampa, FL 33647      

                                                                   (exclusive to Esplanade residents)



        Luxury Spa Experience with Sports Performance & Medical Rehab Results 

         Travel the Howard Frankland Bridge of Tampa Bay thru Still Waters to

        reach Mary of Still Waters now nestled within Elite Spa of St. Petersburg.

                                     Call / Text 813 860 2274


                                     Mary E. White Kuryla  

                          State of Florida Department of Health

                              Professional License No. MA 73933  


* Licensed Therapist for 25 years specializing in alternative therapies, sports massage,deep tissue, medical massage, luxury spa treatments to ensure relaxation & address pain & stress.

Still Waters Alternative Healthcare, Inc. / Still Waters Wellness Spa

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